Ghostly Music

Our little house was born built in the 1960s. When doing a little bit of duct-work in the week we moved in, Timm & I found nearly an entire newspaper from 1968 just shoved into one of our air ducts. It was pretty amazing looking through all of the news stories (many of them about the 1968 Preakness Stakes), and even more amazing looking through the ads. (A dozen eggs for 55ยข?! Can I go back in time, please?) Aside from the newspaper, though, there was no evidence showing us anything about anyone who lived at our house before we did.

…until now. *cue dramatic music*

We discovered that our heating system wasn’t working as well as it should be. Timm decided to crawl into our crawl-space to seal up any air leaks with caulk. I kept nervously checking on him, convinced he was going to somehow get trapped in the space, calling for my help & I’d never hear him. One of the times I checked on him, I asked if he needed anything. He said, “Yes, I do need something. I need for you to come get this.”

I saw him handing something behind him out of the crawl-space that looked like a small suitcase. I opened it up to find this little gem.

A beautiful (yet completely destroyed) violin in its case! It’s a shame that this one is really busted up, because it looks pretty old. The front is separated from the back, the neck is snapped clean-off, the bow has had its hairs ripped off of it and the hairs are scattered all around the battered case, and the chin-rest is broken off.

Still…there’s something pretty beautiful about it.

Some research has shown that it’s just a replica of a fancier violin, and probably not worth much of anything. We may still have it appraised just for the heck of it, but we’re not sure. Either way, it’s the coolest thing we’ve found in the house to date!

I’m also pretty convinced that there’s a ghost in the house who LOVES his/her violin and is going to be pissed at us when he/she/it sees the violin missing. Maybe I should put it back, just for now…

Have you ever found anything cool in your home left there by the previous owner(s)?

Edited to add: So, to further prove what a DIY novice I am, Timm just corrected me. He wasn’t caulking the vents.
“I was sealing the vents with vent wrap and seal tape. I spray-foamed the hole that was in the side of the house and I caulked the windows and around the vents.”

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10 thoughts on “Ghostly Music

  1. Erin says:

    We found a newspaper from the 40s, an intact squirrel skeleton in the ceiling, an entire outer wall and ceiling full of bees, honeycomb AND honey. When we looked at the house there was a cabinet full of very old medicine bottles, and various medical “tools”…the owner was a doc that had his practice in his house.

  2. I didn’t find anything “cool” in my house when I moved in. I did, however, find a very random assortment of things, like children’s clothing hangers, a basket full of travel-size toiletries, some uncool toys, and old cheap-o particle board shelving units. The one item that had me laughing the most was the children’s training potty in the half-bath in my basement. At least it wasn’t used!

    Oh the previous owners did leave me their swing set too, but I sold that in March.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Pat and Tina came across all sorts of stuff at their house. In a closet type thing in red there was the writing “no means no”. And GI joe heads in little hangman nooses at the end of the strings that turned lights on and off. Eep.

  4. sweettmama says:

    when we renovated we found the walls by the bathroom stuffed with cigarette butts. then as we moved upwards i found a package wrapped in brown paper. i for sure thought it was buried treasure but it was a perfectly wrapped vent cover….the original owners of the house were mentally unstable. i was thoroughly disappointed. i think you should have fun and leave things behind walls if you can!

    • haha! Oh, I wish that it was something cooler in that package you found! A photo album, a million dollars…something other than a VENT COVER. Fantastic. We will absolutely leave something behind. I want to make sure it’s something fun, but a little bit crazy. Hmm….

      xoxo Linda

  5. Sharon says:

    When we ripped out our kitchen cabinets, we found beer cans…all 3 unopened, trapped behind the cabinets for 20 some years. We left a picture behind the new cabinets. Figure whoever remodels this kitchen years from now will like to see who put in their funky kitchen.

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