New Year – New Promises

First things first…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A few years ago, way back in 2010, Riki Rachtman posted online that he was creating himself a list of 30 things he wanted to accomplish that year. These had to be specific items that you could cross off of a list, rather than general goals. For example, instead of saying “Lose Weight”, it would be “Exercise 10 times in the month of January”. I took the initiative and made my own list.

I was able to cross most of the items off of my list (“Visit a State I’ve Never Been to Before” – Washington), and some items remained untouched. No matter what, though, that list motivated me. It kept me going. It made me want to check every item off of that list. What can I say – lists motivate me. It’s a quirk of mine that my husband loves to tease me for.

I decided that I wanted to make another list for 2012. Some of the old items have popped back on the list, but being that we’re in a house now, many of the items revolve around house projects I want to complete. That’s why I figured that this list wouldn’t be completely inappropriate on this blog.

Without further adieu…

1. Learn to do a cartwheel.
2. Take at least one Level Three pole class at Xpose Fitness.
3. Ride on the back of a motorcycle.
4. Have a huge yard sale.
5. Plan a summer Deck Party.
6. Raise at least $500 for the Yellow Ribbon Fund (alone or with others).
7. Purchase/pose for a photoshoot.
8. Take down the faux-tile wall in the upstairs bathroom. (It’s plastic. A sheet of tiled plastic. Tiled floral plastic. Tiled beige, floral plastic.)
9. Unpack all boxes in the basement. (Truth be told, there might only be 6-8 boxes that need to be unpacked, but it must be done.)
10. Make a more organized bedroom closet.
11. Repaint “bald” spots in master bedroom. (I may or may not have rushed through getting two coats on the walls, only to see a million bald spots.)
12. Get my lil tattoo. (I have a little tattoo I’ve been pondering for a long time now. Key word here: LITTLE.)
13. Wear red lipstick at least 3 times in January.
14. Ride on The Swings at an amusement park.
15. Have my toes buried in the sand at some beach.
16. Make at least one gift for someone by hand.
17. Buy at least 10 Xmas presents on Etsy.
18. Finish painting Spooky’s room. (Yes, my cat kind of has her own room. I’ll talk about that in-depth sometime soon.)
19. Do at least one thing that scares the shit out of me.
20. Travel to at least two states that I’ve never been to before.
21. Attend at least 10 live shows (music, theater, etc.).
22. Attend at least one drag show.
23. Give away at least one thing for free on Craigslist/FreeCycle.
24. Sell at least 10 things online (Ebay, Craigslist, LJ, etc.).
25. Choose a paint color for the guest room – PAINT IT.
26. Take one photo for every day this year and post to
27. Post at least 8 blog posts in January. (I suppose I can take that down to 7 posts once I post this one.)
28. Take at least one solo trip to NJ to spend time with mom & friends.
29. Dance with friends at least once – whether at a club or someone’s house.
30. Do at least one thing that you would consider “life-changing”.

So there you have it. I’m putting this out there to “The Internets” in hopes that it’ll motivate me even more. Do you guys have any New Year’s Resolutions? What projects would you like to complete in your living space this year?


10 thoughts on “New Year – New Promises

  1. Erin says:

    I wanna take a picture of my work to do list, to show you– I am list obsessed too. My personal to-do lists are now on my phone, but I can still cross things out so it thrills me equally.
    And you really do need to meet Audrey, she will have you cartwheeling in no time–she cartwheels more than walks I think. :-)

    • Glad to know I’m not the only List Lover around here! I don’t know what it is, but there is something so satisfying about crossing items off of my list, knowing I’ve completed them.

      If Audrey can teach me to cartwheel, she’ll be my hero. Many have tried over the years – none have succeeded.
      xoxo Linda

  2. I like lists. But I also have a tendency of making lists and then forgetting where I put the paper I wrote everything on….so perhaps a blog list might not be a bad idea!

    I’m really anxious to learn more about Spooky’s room!

  3. Young Wifey says:

    Cartwheels are so easy once you get the hang of it! Good luck with your list! Since we just moved in last june, I’d like to finish the master bedroom, guest room, all three bathrooms, dining room and living room. I’d also like to start a garden and landscaping :)

    • See, everyone SAYS they’re so easy to do, but damned if I don’t fall on my face every time I try to do one. haha Maybe it’s the momentum I need?

      Congrats on your new place!! That’s a long list, but I’m sure you can rock it out. (And I’m jealous you have three bathrooms – whew!)

      xoxo Linda

  4. Marti says:

    a million years ago I was a gymnast, even competed, but couldn’t do a cartwheel now if my life depended on it in large part because of my wrists which are not strong enough. If you fall on your face every time I am betting wrist strength (or shoulders) could be your problem too.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the exact issue. I think it’s also just that fear of, you know, falling on my neck and being paralyzed for life. Then again, it IS just a cartwheel…

      And I know that this means that somewhere, there are pictures of a young Marti in leotards doing back-handsprings… :)
      xoxo Linda

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