Man Cave. Mantuary. Man Space.

Whatever you want to call it, the design theme for our “office” has become anything but boring. The reason I had free reign in designing our guest room was because Timm had free reign of the office. Yes, the room has two small desks. Yes, our computers are kept in the room. Yes, there are some books in there. Otherwise, nothing about this room says “office” so much as it screams “Man Cave”.

Note: Timm pointed out that Wikipedia gave some other names to a Man Cave, so “Mantuary” is my personal fave and what I’ll be going with from here on out.

As soon as people see our house for the first time, the Mantuary is what they notice, comment on, and usually like the best – and it’s ALL Timm’s baby.

Completely badass, right? Plus, between the paint color, the furnishings, the accessories, and even the carpet, it’s easily the most put-together room in the house. The paint color (Tempered Steel from Pittsburgh Paints) is completely perfect, AND we got it on a crazy discount from some friends. BONUS.

The music wall is probably the thing you notice first. The line of 5 guitars (with a bass guitar on the floor) makes for SUCH a cool focus piece. Plus, not only does he actually play all of these (and play them well), but see that guitar in the middle of the wall? Looks sort of like a coffin? Yeah, HE MADE THAT FROM SCRATCH.

It’s pretty much the coolest guitar ever made, and the body is made from a cigar box.

On the shelf below the guitars, you’ll find a jar full of babydoll heads (inspired by the opening credits of American Horror Story), a rusty, book-style box, and this SUPER old radio that we found antiquing. Sure, the front is fine and all, but it’s the back of the radio that looks amazing.

The shelf holds books, for sure, but it also holds a bunch of spooky lil relics that go with the room perfectly. That vintage typewriter was a $20 find from a local antique store. It’s actually in working-order – just needs a bit of tweaking.

On the filing cabinet, we have a torso sculpture (snagged at Homegoods for $15!), and Matt Damon. Yes. The two-headed baby’s name is Matt Damon. (Matt is on the left.)

And finally, we have “that piece”. I remember watching bad 80s sitcoms as a kid and there was always “that piece” of furniture that the father of the family loved, and the mom hated. Usually, it was some sort of beat-to-hell leather recliner. In our house, it’s the Red Velvet Monstrosity (or RVM).

Timm showed me the RVM on Craigslist one day and said he LOVED it – wanted to know what I thought. I hated it. Seriously. Velvet is one of those materials that gives my skin the creepy-crawlies, and plus, it’s

…two days later, I found it in the house anyway. Sheesh.

I’ll admit it – it looks like it “goes” in the new office…but I’m still not a fan. What do you guys think? Do you have any furniture/art pieces you just can’t see eye-to-eye with your housemate(s) on? Do you have a Beyonce chicken of your very own?

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2 thoughts on “Man Cave. Mantuary. Man Space.

  1. Amanda says:


    I think your humor is top notch and I am super envious of your house.

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