I’m drippin’ drippin’ gold

Well, truthfully, I’m drippin’ drippin’ silver. (No disrespect to Static Revenger & Richard Vission.)

We FINALLY got around this weekend to working on a project that I’ve wanted to finish for weeks. Total time spent on the project: 10 minutes tops. Do you ever have something like that, where you’ll put off a project for weeks and then it takes you all of 2 seconds to complete? I’m not gonna lie – it made me feel like a lazy girl. Maybe it’ll be my motivation to get off my butt on projects I’ve been neglecting.

But I digress. A few weeks ago, Timm and I were in IKEA doing one of our random “looking-around-for-everything-and-nothing” visits. (Ah, the benefits of being 10 minutes from a store.) We always look in the As-Is section as we’ve found a ton of great deals there in the past. Just recently, I’ve started looking in the “handyman” corner of our section. Here, you can mostly find things like cabinet doors they don’t make anymore, glass panes to their bookcases, and random pieces of wood. Mixed in, we found this baby.

FACT: I have NO idea what it is or what its desired purpose is, but the second I saw it, I had a vision for it.

PLUS! I’m not sure if it’s the same at all IKEA stores, but at ours, everything in the Handyman section is always an additional 50% off the ticket price, so we snagged this for a piddly $4. Woot woot! Once we got it home, it rested against the wall in the guest bedroom while I decided the perfect place for it.

The blank wall space next to my grandmother’s picture seemed like a swell spot. So with the help of my Much Taller and More Coordinated husband…

We made sure the frame was level and nailed it to the wall using long, 2.5″ nails in four spots along the top of the frame. Once it was hung, we had a lovely, blank grate on the wall. Until..

(Do you see where this is going?)

A’yup. I decided to use this lil puppy as a jewelry holder. The earrings were easy, as those Fancy Lil Devils come complete with their own hanging hooks.

Yes, I have a feather earring addiction. What of it?

With the addition of a bunch of these little guys…

…I was able to hang all of my necklaces on it, too. And then…it was drippin’ drippin’ silver.

I pretty much love it. I’ve always loved the look in store boutiques when the walls just glimmer with glittery chains of all different textures, and I think I have a bit of that goin’ here. I’m a little worried about what I’ll do as my cheap jewelry collection grows, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll just have to make another IKEA run and grab another of these while they’re still there?

How do you ladies (and gents) display your jewelry? Do you keep it tucked away in a pretty box, lay it down on your counter, keep it all in a bowl, etc? Fess up!

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8 thoughts on “I’m drippin’ drippin’ gold

  1. Vickie says:

    COOLEST. IDEA. EVER. Also, I’m obsessed with peacock feathers and this post made me drool. I love the Tiffany blue walls too!

  2. Sharon says:

    Looks great… I never would have thought of that.

  3. Kathy H says:

    okay, I LOVE that! I would have never thought of it just looking at that thing in the As-Is bin!

    • Thank you! I only started looking in that section pretty recently and trying desperately to find things that people ignore. :D I’ve only hit gold 2-3 times, but I was happy with this lil guy.
      xoxo Linda

  4. stacia says:

    wow, i’ve been working on designing something like that for myself, and that is awesome! the part i always get sidetracked on is how to keep the cats from eating my bling… i need doors or something :)

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