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Be…our…guest, be our guest!

I like the idea of posting about rooms that aren’t quite finished yet. It’ll give us something to look back on and say, “Remember when we did that? Holy schnikies, it looks so much better now.” And yes – I do say “schnikies”. But I digress.

When we moved into the house, we went on a freaking painting bonanza. It was something akin to this.

(source: Hyperbole and a Half)

We tackled (with some help): Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Sitting Area, Bedroom, Spooky’s room (most of it), Half-Bathroom/WC/Loo, and Office within 60 days.
Note: I’m not sure why each of those rooms required their own capitalization, but so it goes. You’ll live.

The one room that sat COMPLETELY unfinished was the guest bedroom. I just didn’t know what to do with it! Timm had free-reign of the office (a room which I’ll focus on this week), so I was given complete, masterful control of the guest room. That would have been awesome if I had any idea of any cohesive theme for it. Boo and hiss.


My grandma’s painting gave me an idea for the color scheme I wanted to go for – a light, almost robin’s egg blue. I grabbed some swatches and placed them in three different walls in the room to see how each color caught light differently.

After staring at them intently in bright morning light, evening sunset, cloudy light, and Light-From-A-Lightbulb light, I fell in love with Valspar’s Sea Kiss.

Finally…it was on. It was on like Donkey Kong.

Paint, I’m about to make you my bitch.

After a few hours of painting, I had Timm help me finish the second coat while I did some dramatic attempts at Cutting In.

The end result in the sunshine (with freshly painted trim and baseboards) makes me all giddy in my guttiworks.

Of course, as soon as we were finished painting, Timm stepped back and mused, “Huh. It looks like we were painting for a nursery.” Well crap. Being that we’re not in the market to have kids at the moment, we don’t want people getting any crazy ideas. haha Finally, we could move furniture back in! For now, the bed is a temporary (but COMPLETELY generous) hand-me-down. I’d love to have a futon in there someday.

The boring side. The closet takes up a whole wall, so that will pretty much stay as-is. The side table is one that I made from an A-frame and a cabinet door-front that I snagged for $8 total from IKEA’s As-Is section. We have the violin we found in our crawl space laying on the table for now. I figured it was best to keep it close to where we found it in case the ghosts want it back. I’m kidding. …or am I?

View from the door. Aren’t our windows the best?! I think the fun curtains we snagged for $15 from IKEA really go well with the room.


This is my Makeup Command Center™, as it was dubbed by Timm long ago. I have a wee bit of a makeup addiction and it’s pretty much my happy place. Those white drawers on the right? Yeah, they’re ALL filled with makeup. DON’T JUDGE ME.

The only real “decoration” in the room right now is here. We have a shelf with my Ghoulia Yelps Monster High doll, and my two A-MAZING Paint by Number paintings (that I completed) that were a Xmas gift from my Sister-in-Law. Then we have some IKEA spice racks that I use to hold my nail polish collection.

These guys were also a Xmas Sister-in-Law gift that I can’t WAIT to hang – lightboxes with old-time movie monsters. Happy Linda.

In the corner, we have a suitcase with goodies meant for guests to use when they stay over. There are some essentials, like a toothbrush, shampoo, etc., and of course, a teddy bear. (Hey man, anyone who says a teddy bear isn’t essential in life is nutso.)

And of course, on the wall opposite of the bed…

There’s still SO much to do in this room – I’d love to have a futon, a carpet of sorts, more art on the walls, etc. We’ll get there. For now, I’m pretty confident that we have a comfy lil room going for our guests. If you’re ever staying over and that violin starts playing in the middle of the night though, I give you full permission to run out screaming.

I know I would.

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Naked ladies! ALL NUDE!

*ahem* Now that I have your attention with that post, I really do want to talk about a nude woman. Seriously. Stay tuned.

When my grandma passed away a few years back, I immediately knew what I wanted to remember her by. She always had a picture hanging in her bedroom from when I was a little girl. I remember thinking it was horribly scandalous and risque…but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it and how beautiful it was.

My grandfather used to joke and tell people that the painting was of my grandmother. (It wasn’t, but my grandma was so beautiful that I’m sure it was a believable lie.) The picture hung in our apartment, and then was (oh-so-carefully) moved to the new house, where it was decided that it would hang in our guest room.

The light-woodgrain frame never really “went” with our decor, but I was so scared at the idea of changing it that I never attempted it. I was paranoid that I would somehow ruin it and upset my grandma. Silly? Probably, but that’s the way my mind works. Also, the framing/matting job was done professionally, and was of such good quality that I didn’t want to muck it up. It also isn’t in my budget to have it reframed right now.

This weekend, I got up the guts to paint the frame. Every single step of this process had beads of sweat dripping down my forehead, but somehow (deep breath)…I survived. I started by laying the picture on a dropcloth and cleaning it REALLY well. Years of dirt poured off the poor thing!

I trusted my beloved 1.5″ Frog Tape to carefully seal the edges of the frame from the glass covering the picture. I made sure that the edges of the tape wouldn’t allow for ANY bleeding by running the side of a credit card down the tape to ensure no bubbling/lifting.

I was nearly panicking as I was carefully painting the frame with Valspar Ultra Premium Gallon Interior Latex Semi-Gloss Ultra White, first with a mini roller, and then with a finer brush. I did four very, very, very thin coats of paint to ensure there would be full-coverage with no drip or brush marks.

After letting it dry for a full day, I stepped back and surveyed the results.

I. Love. It. I think my grandma would love it, too. It makes the picture pop, and it looks SO GOOD against our freshly painted guest room walls. (Stay tuned for a post this week about the guest room!)

Now we have a pair of fully-glorious boobs on our wall…and I couldn’t be happier.

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The room with the toilet

I never quite know what to call a bathroom that has no bathtub. Yes, I guess I technically still call it a “bathroom”, but if you took a bath in a room that just has a toilet and a sink, you’d have to be very small to fit yourself into said sink to take a bath. “Powder room” sounds so formal, since nine times out of ten, no powder is involved in that room. “Restroom”? Nah. I’ll just call it the bathroom.

But I digress.

Strangely, our half-bathroom is simultaneously the most finished room, the one that still needs a lot of work, and the smallest room in the house. I have to admit that I can take next-to-no credit for the entire room. The first week that we owned the house, we were still technically living in the apartment. Timm took off of work to start house-stuff immediately, and the bathroom was one of his first big projects.

We walked in to peel-n-stick vinyl flooring (that was peeling up on the edges), a toilet that the word “gross” couldn’t even be used to describe, a HUGE vanity that took up most of the usable space, and a general “blah” feeling to the room. But now…

I love our little Powdery Resty Half Bathroom! After giving the all-white walls a fresh coat of Behr’s Sea Life, the next things tackled were the sink and toilet. Timm did these all on his own!! I was so proud of my lil handyman. If you told me I needed to change out a toilet or sink (or anything to do with plumbing), I’d probably give the Team America Distress Signal.

He handled it like a champ, though.

The best part was how shockingly cheap this part of the project was! The dual-flush, water-saving toilet by Glacier Bay was a mere $98 from Home Depot, and our space-saving vanity was only $129 on sale from Lowes. There’s SO much more room in our little room now.

Oh, and just in case guests aren’t familiar with a dual-flush toilet…


Stepping back a bit, this is the lady and gentleman that welcome you into our bathroom. Of all the things we’ve given names to in our home so far, we haven’t named these two yet. I feel like they need to be something fancy, like Esmarelda and Frederick. Yes…Esmarelda & Frederick were only 50¢ each from Goodwill. Cha-ching, again.

Here are some detail shots for other goodies in the room.

But wait…what is that in the mirror’s reflection??

Squeeeeeeeee! Our octopus decal is pretty much one of the best things in our house. He takes up nearly the entire wall on one side. While he was a bit of a chore to actually get on the wall (picture the largest sticker you’ve ever seen with tons of little details and holes), he was entirely worth it. We kinda sorta love him.

The big thing we have left to do in the bathroom is to replace the dingy, peeling floor.

Let’s hope it’s not too difficult.

At first we thought we wanted to replace the ceiling, but I think the bubbly texture of it is growing on me.

I like to think of it as the bubbles that our octopus friend is blowing while he’s underwater, swimming towards his magical castle under the sea.

…wait. What?

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As I live and breathe

For a lot of people, it seems like their living room is a “Look, But Don’t Touch!” kind of place. Sure, it looks great, but what’s the point of living room if you can’t…yanno…LIVE in it?? Nope. Not for us. We wanted a place that yeah, it will be nice to look at, but it’s even nicer to curl up in and watch horribly bad movies (like my personal favorite, Drop Dead Gorgeous). It also has to be a room you can eat pizza in. You should never eat pizza in a dining room – just sayin’.

With this room, there were sadly no “before” pictures. This probably happened because I don’t want to remember what it looked like. In short, before we moved in, the entire right side of the ceiling was caving in. The drywall was cracked, broken, crumbling, gross. The ceiling? Popcorn-finish. It was hot, let me tell you. When the ceiling was repaired, our (awesome) contractor laid out smooth drywall, which improved the room tenfold.

Enough jibber-jabber! Here’s where the room stands today.

I love our little crazy, colorful living room! At first, the flat-texture of the paint worried me. (I’m seriously like a raccoon – I prefer things shiny and sparkly.) Once I was able to see that you can add texture/sparkle in other ways, though, I was madly in lust with it. The Laguna Green color was one of the very first paint colors we chose for the house.

The couch was our #1 biggest purchase for the house. For 8 years, we’d been “cozying” up on our IKEA Klippan sofa. It was 100% fine for what it was, but we were ready for some adult furniture. I’m not gonna lie – we love our television & DVDs, so we needed a couch that would keep our butts from going numb as we watched. Enter the Mirage sofa from Value City Furniture. Thus far, the couch has claimed many victims, as it’s the most godly piece of furniture EVER.

Again, enough jibber-jabber! “We want details!”

Above the TV.
Shelf: IKEA, less than $10; Peacock Candle Holders: Pier 1 (housewarming gift); Postcards: Free, by A. Aubrey Bodine

IKEA Billy bookcase, $50; Glass doors for Billy, $20/each

Random Close-Up Things:

I think it’s obvious from the pictures, but I think we’re becoming mildly obsessed with white accents. No HomeGoods is safe.

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I still can’t cook.

Years ago, I used to convince myself that I couldn’t cook because I didn’t have an adequate kitchen in our apartment. There wasn’t enough counter space, there was no place to store anything, blah blah. The list went on and on. I would burn scrambled eggs (fact) and blame it on the kitchen. Seriously – I would shake my fist at the cabinets as my macaroni & cheese was sticking together. We had a special relationship.

I might be in trouble now, though. I don’t know who to blame now that we have a ridiculous kitchen. It was one of the many things that sold us on this house. Here are the “before” pictures again, so you can see the place as we got it.

Great counter space! Fairly new cabinets!

A little nook for random small appliances!

A window above the kitchen sink! I seriously never understood why that was on so many different people’s “must-have” or wish list. Now I get it. I get it, guys. Once again, though, I’ll ask you to ignore that wall. We’ll touch on that another time, once I’m finished rocking back and forth in the fetal position after looking at it again.

Round One of the kitchen transformation had us decking out the walls in Olympic’s Yellow Lettuce paint.

Fear not, readers! I’m sure this color looks eerily similar to the pictures of the bedroom I posted yesterday. I can assure you with all certainty that a) they are not the same greens, and b) we have other colors in the house other than green. (Although they DO say that green is the “color of harmony and balance, Green symbolizes hope, renewal and peace, and is usually liked by the gentle and sincere”. Hmmm…).

Once the green was in place, we got the surprise of our lives. Timm’s parents (as a housewarming gift) offered us a large donation to the “new appliances” fund…as in they covered all of it. Funny enough, though, they thought the check they offered might only cover a new washer and dryer. HA! I laugh in the face of a challenge like that!! After toiling online for hours, we selected all of the products that we wanted and skipped (literally) off to Best Buy. I swear that we must have been the easiest customers ever, coming in with the product names & SKU numbers like that. Pfft.

Wanna know how we saved over $1060 on our appliances? Well…
Best Buy always had a promotion running to woo the buyer into buying more than one appliance at a time. Because we were buying four kitchen appliances from them (refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher), we got a honkin’ 20% OFF each item! (insert picture of me jumping into the air with one fist raised in a victory pose) In addition to that, they had another special where if you purchased a matching washer and dryer set, you snagged 15% off the set! (insert a video gif of me doing the Cabbage Patch dance)


The only minor bummers to the whole thing: a) We had to buy nearly $85 worth of hoses to go with everything that we weren’t expecting. If it wasn’t for them, our savings would have been over $1150. Boo. b) We had to wait TWO FULL WEEKS for everything to be delivered. This left us shivering with antici……pation.

But then…


I may or may not have hid in the bedroom as they moved everything down our precarious little staircase into the kitchen, but when all was said and done, it was SO beautiful and shiny! I actually shed a tear and hugged my washer when I did my first load of laundry. (Hey man, YOU try going to a laundromat in the “not prettiest” area of Baltimore for over a decade and tell me how good it feels to do laundry in your underwear in your own house after that. DON’T JUDGE ME!)

Tomorrow, I’ll go into our Floor Saga. For now, I’ll muse on the fact that with a huge kitchen and shiiiiiny new appliances, I still can’t cook. Damn.

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Step by Step

(I completely read over the title to this blog entry and started singing New Kids on the Block in my head. “Ooo baby!”)

Remember what the master bedroom looked like before we moved in? No? Let me refresh your memory.

The words “blank” and “slate” come to mind. There was some light water damage under the windows, but once that was repaired, it was time to attack the room with paint. And attack I did!

When I was thinking of how I wanted the bedroom to look, Hollywood kept coming to mind. The Grafton on Sunset is the hotel that Timm and I have stayed in both times that we’ve been to Los Angeles. I am pretty much obsessed with the hotel. Seriously. The decor is completely bold and sexy.


See? Bold. Sexy. I wanted to grab some inspiration from my favorite WeHo haunt. I wasn’t into the amber-orange they used on the walls though, so I took inspiration from somewhere else. Did you see those umbrellas/eaves in the background of the last picture? Those same eaves are on the front of the hotel.


I LOVE that Bright as Hell™ green that they have there, so I decided to go ahead and slather the whole room in that color. While some people have literally walked into the room saying things like, “Oh my DEAR GOD that is bright!”, I am madly in love with it. I want to have its little lime green babies. (Oh, and the color is Lime Burst by Valspar, if you were wondering.)

Even just uploading the pictures makes me clap my hands gleefully towards the screen. I can’t stop looking at it! (Can you play “Spot the Spooky Kitten” in this pic??)

The way the light shines in and bounces off of the new beadspread?? I can’t even. I feel like this is the first time I’ve ever been so in love with my bedroom. Ever. In the history of ever.

How do you guys rock out bright colors in your house? Do you stick to neutral surroundings with bright pops of color, or just go all-out? What do you think the sexiest room in your place is?

Source list:

  • Duvet cover: Ofelia Vass from IKEA
  • Comforter: 365+ Mysa Comforter (warmth level 3) from IKEA
  • Bedframe: Oldie-but-goodie from Mattress Discounters years ago
  • Faux-leather ottoman (at foot of bed): Target
  • Sheepskin on ottoman: Rens Sheepskin from IKEA (trying to make faux sheepskins when I find the right material)
  • Lamps: Alang Wall Lamps from IKEA, backed onto plain wooden medallions from Michaels that were painted black
  • Nightstands: A STEAL from Goodwill at only $15 each! Here’s what they looked like before we attacked them with white, glossy spray paint:

    Big difference, eh??
  • Zebra print: Pjatteryd from IKEA
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